Tasty Coleslaw Recipe

Hey Y’all!

Wherever you are, I hope the weather is warming up (finally in Iowa?) and you are totally in the mood for grilling out.  Of course, here in Houston, we grill all year long! When we are feeling like a “wanna be” Texan, we bust out the bbq ribs in the oven (Fail!) because we don’t own a smoker…..yet!  Matt has talked about one for the last year, but we might leave it at that.  We shall see…… when we feel like bbq-ing, the requests are always the same, baked beans, and coleslaw.  Because we try to avoid the garbage and calories in store-bought mayonnaise, we make this delicious alternative.  It is totally delicious and satisfies that necessary crunch that you need with your ribs and sausage. 


Tangy Coleslaw

1 bg. Broccoli slaw

1 cp. Celery, diced

½ cp. Banana peppers, diced

3 tbsp Apple cider vinegar

2 tbsp Olive oil

2 tbsp Honey

Red pepper flakes to taste

Salt/pepper to taste 

Instructions: Mix all ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate prior to serving. 


*I have made homemade mayo before, and I am sure if you are craving that traditional slaw taste it would be a-mazing.

Question: Have you tried tangy coleslaw before or do you prefer the creamy version?


Beets are Tasty!

We got some beets from the Upright’s last week and don’t really have any good recipes….. So I peeled them and threw them in the oven and off we went for a walk in the chilly frigid Texas weather with sweats on (52 degrees).  That is the only thing I know what to do with them! They were done before our dinner was ready so we sprinkled some salt on them and popped them in our mouths for a little appy.  Matt was like “Oh MY God,” look at your tongue.  Then I was like, let me see yours…..Kind of like a I’ll show you mine if you show me yours game 🙂

IMG_0242Check this out! We thought we would show you ours 🙂

A little while later it was time for din din…This is what was on the agenda.  Pork chops, asparagus, and tasty butternut squash wedges


Well It’s 7:50 and it’s almost bed time.  No seriously, we go to bed this early.  We have a lot of painting to do this weekend and a fun happy hour planned with Matt’s coworkers tomorrow.  We are going to the Red Lion in Houston.  It is like a English pub or something…..It has been on dinners, drive-ins, and dives….We shall see for ourselves if it is legit or not. 

Question: HELP!  How do you prepare beets?!

Fire up the grill!

Buenos días a todos!

I love to wake up early on Saturday.  Yes, this 26-year old LOVES to wake up early on the weekend.  It is the perfect start to a productive weekend.  And, this is what happens to you when you fall asleep before 10:00.  Needless to say, I am almost always awake before 7 on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Last night after work I met Matt at the car shop. You have to get your car state-inspected every year in Texas and he was overdue.  If it doesn’t pass inspection, like because it is a POS, then you can’t drive it.  Simple….after this we went and picked up our lawn mower, weed wacker, and blower from this old man that services lawn equipment.  We jammed (not jellied, lol) all three pieces of lawn equipment in the red dragon’s trunk. Not cute! The rest of the drive home I was nervous to go over 5 mph or the trunk would slam down on the lawn mower.  Ahhhhh…..2nd reason we need a truck! You can also read the first truck rant here.

After we got home and unloaded the lawn crap stuff, we took off to Randall’s to purchase some items for dinner. 

It was a gorgeous Texas spring night (72 degrees), we sat out in our driveway and cracked peanuts and drank a beer, and we wanted to grill hamburgers.  Last weekend when we went to the farmer’s market, along with our sausage and vegetables, we bought some Texas Kobe beef. $8/lb.


 We bought swiss cheese, kayser rolls, mushrooms, asparagus, waffle fries, a HUGE bag of peanuts, and beer for my honey.  This dinner was going to be complete.  


 Matt got out our food scale and made each burger 1/3 lb.  This was one of our wedding gifts that we use quite a lot. Guess which one is mine?


 While Matt manned our NEW grill (we totally splurged on a Weber last weekend and it rocks), I sautéed the mushrooms with fresh garlic.   Once the burgers are done, top the burgers with the sautéed ‘shrooms’ and swiss cheese and throw the buns on the grill for a sec to crisp up. 

IMG_0166 IMG_0169

Since I was indulging with a bun, I just had a few waffle fries.  That is all I needed…. I ended up giving the last bite of my burger to Matt.  I was StUfT! Ugh….but it was soooooo good and the scale wasn’t too happy this morning. Yikes! I better get in a run this afternoon!

IMG_0168 IMG_0171

I enjoyed some homemade mayo/ketchup mixture…..It’s like that whopper sauce, y’all!

IMG_0170 IMG_0173

We don’t have any major plans for the rest of the weekend.  I have to bottle the kombucha, pick up milk from the farmer, and grocery shop before I leave for Dallas tomorrow with student council.  I will be away til’ Tuesday night, but I always have a good time at that state convention.  Have a good one!

Questions: Is it worth it to you to splurge on a new grill?

 Have you ever had Kobe beef?