No sweets and my sweet mother

This week was cray cray! It was teacher’s appreciation week (only 18 days of school left!) and I was partly responsible for some of the things at school each day.  But, I did feel the love from my students and from the parent volunteers with the cards and lunches.  This week wasn’t my best “healthy” week, because I had so many meals away from home.  Soooo, after Wednesday’s indulgence of sweets (I ate a piece of cake, 3 cookies, and a cupcake!) at school, I decided I would go 30 days without sweets.  I need to get my stuff back together, ASAP! Here are my eats.

We had fish tacos Sunday and Monday.


Tuesday I had a student council event at a Mexican restaurant and I made monster cookies for teachers on behalf of student council.

IMG_0301 IMG_0299

Wednesday and Thursday we ate stir fry….  Brown rice, gulf shrimp, and sautéed frozen veggies.  This is a super quick dinner that I recommend.


Friday we had a happy hour after school so we ate at a Mexican restaurant way late.

Saturday morning, I made some eggs and enjoyed a bowl of yogurt with mango and pineapple. 

IMG_0305 IMG_0306

For lunch, I cleaned out the fridge and ate some left-over chicken and potatoes with some guacamole and peppers. 


Also,I had to chaperone prom.  So Luisa and I stopped at a Mexican restaurant before prom and I also snacked at prom when we got there. 


Do you get the point?! I LOVE Mexican food but I haven’t had sweets/candy since Wednesday.  And boy did I turn down fro-yo at school, cookies and cake at the luncheon, and cheesecake at prom.  So I guess I had a small victory. 

Real quick shot out to my amazing mother.  I really don’t know what I would do without you and I can’t imagine the day I can’t pick up the phone to talk to you about school, my husband, my friends,and my future.  Also, my mom knows how to have fun! She laughs just as much as me and knows how to have a good time.

bbq88 wedding200

Question: What are you doing with your mother today?


Cinco de Mayo and Fish Tacos

What a great weekend! I feel like I say that every Monday…..hehe

Saturday we finished up some trim painting and I ran to get some milk.  I spent $70!  Ga-lore that’s a lot of money.  I got 2 gallons milk, 3 quarts yogurt, 1 cream, 3 dozen eggs, and homemade soap for my honey.  No we don’t use all this in a week…..this is for 2 weeks.  The farmer only comes to Sugar Land every other week, so we need to do some stocking up.


My friend Sarah from Iowa was here in Houston for work.  I went out for dinner with her last Thursday and caught up on the things in our lives. (I haven’t seen her since my wedding in July) Her birthday was yesterday and her fiancé came to Houston Friday night to visit her.  We met them early afternoon in midtown at Pubfiction so we could catch the Kentucky Derby and celebrate cinco de mayo. 


The race was exciting and the weather was perfect.  After the Kentucky Derby, we went to Cyclone Anaya’s to “sample” their margaritas and enjoy some grub.  We had sooooo much fun at dinner.  The food was delicious, the margaritas plentiful, and the music was bumpin’.   


After we filled our tummies, we went to Celtic Garden and got our grove thang’ on to this amazing DJ.  Yes, this girl was dancin’! 


We got home just after 10:00 and stood outside for awhile and shot-the-shit with the neighbors. 

Sunday morning we went to Lowe’s (we are regulars) and got groceries.  I felt like I had ate enough tortilla chips and salsa the night before (Yikes!), so I thought eating a “lighter” lunch was appropriate. 


 I wanted to make something mexicany, so I decided we would go for fish tacos.  What a good decision! We got some red snapper and I made some mango salsa that was DA-BOMB!  So easy too!  Dice some mango, add a little bit of diced pineapple, some red onion, cilantro, lime juice, and a pinch of salt.  Holy guacamole (we had that too) it was good!


 Sarah joined us for dinner and we enjoyed fish tacos, black beans, and grilled corn. 


Don’t forget a monster cookie and a glass of wine for dessert.  I better get my crap back together this week….cause I had too much fun and boy am I tired.  AND, don’t forget it’s teacher appreciation week!

Question: Did you celebrate cinco de mayo?

Garden Update

How are you this lovely Tuesday?! This past week we spent a little bit of money on our garden buying tomato cages and trellises.  Even though it sucked dropping even more money at that dang Lowe’s, I know we will be happy we did when we have vegetables coming out of our ears in a month or two. 


Here are some before and pics of what our garden looked like a month ago.  It has been fun and very rewarding watching and seeing the progress.

The first pic is what the garden looked like BEFORE we planted anything.  The next pic is what the garden looked like after we planted everything a month ago…..and the last pic is what our garden currently looks like now.  Crazy how fast things change and grow in just a short amount of time.


Just a few weeks ago, I was ecstatic because I could see our beets barely peeping through the dirt.  Now, they are about 3-4 inches tall and I even had to thin them out…that just broke my heart.

This is the same part of our garden.  The tomato, pepper, and jalapeno plants are kickin’ butt…..even the onions are growing like weeds 🙂


We not only grow veggies, but we also have some herbs.  We have oregano, basil, thyme, cilantro, and rosemary.  We have already used quite a bit of cilantro and basil.


Look at that tomato! Who knew a garden could bring such happiness?! I can’t wait to enjoy the fruits of this labor.


These trellises are for our green beans to grow up…..  IMG_0269

Pic of our onions and cilantro.

Question: How should we use our oregano? We can only think of spaghetti sauce…

Busy Weekend

Friday NightIMG_0245We went to Red Lion Friday night after work for a happy hour with Matt’s coworkers.  We had such a good time! Got a chance to have a few beers, eat a baked brie salad, and catch up with buds.  We got home around 9:00.  I love a night that starts early and ends early so you don’t screw your whole weekend over getting home at 3 a.m.


IMG_0246IMG_0248We were up by 8:00, and got started prepping the house for painting weekend #2.  We laid the brown paper and blankets all over and tapped the trim.  This paper makes clean up soooooo much easier.

IMG_0247These were the two colors we were considering.  We wanted something that was not white but still neutral.  We definitely went with the one on the left! The other one was just too brown.

We stopped around noon to run and pick up milk and we stopped at Chiptole’s for a quick lunch.  We also hit up HEB for a pizza crust/mushrooms for dinner.  We painted for a solid 8 hours and was rocking the 80’s music station on the TV.  Who knew the 80’s had that good of music?!?! You should of seen our dance moves…. yep, even when standing on a ladder 😉 We had a lot of fun!

IMG_0250Here is the base of our pizzas.  Matt’s-the pizza, Jen’s the mushrooms.

IMG_0251This is basil from our garden!  To make a margarita pizza, chop garlic and basil and slice tomatoes.

IMG_0252Spread some olive oil on your crust/mushrooms, sprinkle the chopped garlic and lay out your basil and tomatoes.

IMG_0253Cover with mozzarella cheese!

IMG_0255Put it in the oven for 15-20 minutes on 400.  Even my mushrooms were delicious.  I was mmmmmmmm-ing the whole time.


Another early morning….up around 7:30 and tapped the hallway so we could finish painting.  Ate a massive bowl of oatmeal and relaxed prepped for another day of painting.  We did have some errands to run……

First, we went the new Sprout’s Farmer’s Market.  It is a new grocery store in Katy.  Don’t waste your time.  HEB actually has a great selection of healthy foods.  One thing I did purchase was this apple cider vinegar drink.  I totally recommend it.  Yum! Next, we went to Home Depot to purchase to painting stuff and cages for our tomato plants. Last, we went the HEB for groceries.

IMG_0257We painted all afternoon and some how found the will power to prep some foods for the week and still make din din.  Dinner was quick, easy, and delicious.IMG_0258Grilled chicken, sautéed beet greans,  roasted butternut squash, and some killer homemade kombucha.  Off to bed! Let’s hope for a quick week so we can paint trim next weekend.  Sigh……….

Question: What did you do this weekend?

Beets are Tasty!

We got some beets from the Upright’s last week and don’t really have any good recipes….. So I peeled them and threw them in the oven and off we went for a walk in the chilly frigid Texas weather with sweats on (52 degrees).  That is the only thing I know what to do with them! They were done before our dinner was ready so we sprinkled some salt on them and popped them in our mouths for a little appy.  Matt was like “Oh MY God,” look at your tongue.  Then I was like, let me see yours…..Kind of like a I’ll show you mine if you show me yours game 🙂

IMG_0242Check this out! We thought we would show you ours 🙂

A little while later it was time for din din…This is what was on the agenda.  Pork chops, asparagus, and tasty butternut squash wedges


Well It’s 7:50 and it’s almost bed time.  No seriously, we go to bed this early.  We have a lot of painting to do this weekend and a fun happy hour planned with Matt’s coworkers tomorrow.  We are going to the Red Lion in Houston.  It is like a English pub or something…..It has been on dinners, drive-ins, and dives….We shall see for ourselves if it is legit or not. 

Question: HELP!  How do you prepare beets?!

Productive Saturday

We woke up to this!  Ugh…. I absolutely love enjoying my morning coffee and breakfast on the couch in front of either the Today Show or the local news.


So…..I cooked myself a 3 ingredient pancake (super ripe banana, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp. ground flax) topped with my homemade apple butter.   This apple butter is da bomb.  No seriously… I found this recipe during spring break and had a whole bag of apples to use. (Thanks Ro-dawg) I have put that “shit on everything.” Isn’t that the saying for Frank’s hot sauce or something?!?!  Anyways, this was my view with my morning coffee.


I know…it sucked.  Really makes you think about how much you count on the TV.  After breakfast I finally gave in and called AT&T.  I was one the damn phone for almost an hour.  Needless to say, they could not fix it over the phone so they were going to send out a technician.  It was nearly 10, and we still had flowers to plant.

IMG_0072 IMG_0071

We laid out the flowers before and planting.  In no time we were done.  It really doesn’t take that much time to make your home look nice.


These were Matt’s favorite.  I would have to agree.  This purple is just gorgeous.


Finally, we were done and hungry!


This is what’s for lunch.  Homemade wheat thins, egg salad w/ homemade mayo, guacamole and carrots.  I cooked so much during spring break.  We finally finished it all off.  After lunch we needed to run to pick up our raw milk from our farmer.  We missed the milk man last time so I was anxious to get this deliciousness….

What we bought for $59….


2 gallons of milk (this is FULL fat milk, nothing skim about it)

2 plain yogurts

3 dozen of fresh eggs

mozzarella chese

sharp cheddar cheese

We will see how long this will last.  We eat so many eggs that we will probably run out until we see the milk man again.  I also plan on making smoothies this week for breakfast, so I hope this milk lasts.  I haven’t made kefir in awhile, so it’s time to get in the kitchen! I am super excited for our date night tonight because it is something we have never done.  Details next time…

Did you have a productive Saturday?