Week’s Nom Nom

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Happy Monday Y’all! It has finally gottin’ hot around Houston and I have been sweatin’ like a machine while running! 


I met my fitness goal and ran 6 times last week.  I didn’t run Friday or Saturday, but I actually ran twice on Sunday.  I can also say we prepared healthy real food for a lot of the week too AND it has been 10 days since eating sweets.

Sunday: Baked Red Snapper, Sautéed Beet Greens, Cucumber Salad, Roasted Beets. 


Red Snapper was actually on sale and ended up spending like $15lb for this fish.  It was a splurge, but then again we usually eat pretty smancy of Sunday nights.  It was absolutely delicious and I would eat it again! I also made this cucumber salad with some plain yogurt from raw milk, added a bunch of dill, salt, and pepper and wa-bam!

Monday: Cheesecake Factory (Salad, Chicken Salad Sandwich)


Instead of having a student council banquet this year, we just met at the cheesecake factory for a dinner.

Tuesday: Bacon/Veggie Sandwich



This is the best sandwich eva! Especially if you use organic “thick” bacon and Ezekiel bread and LOAD ON THE VEGGIES!

Wednesday/Thursday: Spaghetti & Salad


We had some leftover “semi” homemade spaghetti sauce.  We purchased some organic spaghetti sauce from Whole Foods and spiced it up with grass-fed beef, garlic, mushrooms, and oregano from our garden.  We also have been buying organic wheat pasta that is actually very inexpensive and when you don’t eat it often, it is worth it.

Friday: Happy Hour @ Tacos Milagro.  I ate some tamales……(was prolly my worst meal, but I didn’t eat chips and salsa like I normally do at Mexican Restaurants)

Saturday Breakfast- Oatmeal


Best way to sweeten up oatmeal is add a super ripe banana.  I also added a little honey, vanilla, fresh strawberries, and some chopped almonds.  It was prolly my best oatmeal to date.

Saturday Lunch- Mission Burrito Veggie Salad.


Holy Yum! I would suggest it

Saturday Dinner-Steak, Sweet Potato, Grilled Onion, Sautéed Spinach, and Grilled Mushroom.


Matt is seriously getting nervous cause we are depleting our steak stash in the freezer.  My man loves his beef 🙂

Sunday Breakfast- 2 Eggs on English Muffin, Leftover Steak


Last week we bought Ezekiel English muffins.  They are WAY better than normal ones that I used to get in college.  We baked some farm fresh eggs (can’t you tell by the color of the yoke?!) in ramekins so they would hold their shape and put them on the buttered muffin w/ swiss cheese.  We also enjoyed my leftover steak from Saturday. 

Sunday Lunch- Salad w/ turkey


Question: Can you give me some healthy dinner ideas?


Weekend Quickie

I hurried home from school on Friday so I could get in a quick run before Matt got home. It was a HOT one!IMG_0264

After all, we actually had plans for Friday night.  I showered up and we went to grab a bite to eat at Ruthie’s Mexican.  We headed to No Label Brewery to meet up with a few friends.  The wind was so frickin’ strong….it sucked.  But, it sure was nice catching up.

Saturday morning, after a few beers, I had a hard time rolling out of bed. I got up and made this deliciousness.


I enjoyed a 5-ingredient pancake (banana, 2 eggs, vanilla, flax seed, and cinnamon) smeared with almond butter and real maple syrup.  I sipped on some coffee and watched the Today Show….man, I have a rough life!

We later got it together and ran to Lowe’s.  It is not possible to make it out of that store without spending like $100.  After Lowe’s we went to Whole Foods to buy some groceries.  We each had a half of sandwich and cup of soap for lunch.  Since I couldn’t find everything I like at Whole Foods, we then ran to HEB to finish up our shopping.  I now know why my dad goes to both Hy-Vee AND Fairway. Such a pain sometimes, but there are just some things that cost an arm and a leg at Whole Foods….

Saturday night we stayed in and enjoyed this appetizer before dinner. Caprese salad….


I ran outside to our garden in the torrential downpour to get some basil from our garden.  I was soaked! We literally got 1 inch of rain every hour (And it poured for 5 hours) and the lightning/thunder was crazy.  You just put grape tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella on a toothpick and voila! Then pour some olive oil and balsamic vinegar on them with a pinch of salt and pepper.

I was fast asleep like a little angel by 9:30.  Yea, I know I’m pretty lame. 

Woke up early and relaxed for a bit and ate a small breakfast.  I didn’t want to eat a lot because I was meeting a bunch of girls out for lunch today for Jessica’s birthday.  After breakfast, Matt and I went for a run (5 miles, with 10 pushups every mile).  It was killer. Then we hit up some sit ups in the garage. I knew I was going to have to do a lot since I was going out for lunch and a drink 😉

Question: Do you go to two different stores to buy your groceries or am I crazy? 

Running Mishaps

In the last two weeks I have had TWO running mishaps! What the heck!  Last week we took off on our normal 5-mile route….we hadn’t quite hit the 1 mile mark and I must have hit a crack in the sidewalk. 



No seriously…our sidewalks around Pecan Grove are straight Ghet-to, and people wonder why I run in the street.  Anywho, when I hit the “raised cement,” I literally supermaned it (that means horizontal, right in front of a car). I was carrying our water bottle and for some crazy reason or another, when I landed I didn’t have the water bottle attached to my hand anymore.  THANK GOD! That could have been bad if I landed with that on my hand.  I got up quicker than quick hoping no one saw me and Matt snagged the water bottle that was in the grass. I had a bloody hand and a bruised ego.  L I think this is my 4th fall….running is dangerous people! lol Or it is only dangerous if you don’t pick up your feet…. It took me a mile to get my racing heart back down to normal.  Matt pretty much held the water bottle the rest of the run…I was too scared.

On Tuesday we decided to do a little speed work.  This means lets walk a bit….jog a bit…and sprint to the next light post….and repeat.  We had planned to do a 4 mile route.  Just after mile two, we were in one of our sprinting stints and suddenly my bra busted.  Yes, can you believe it?!?!? The girls broke a bra 😉 We stopped immediately and walked the rest of the way home.  Walking is so enjoyable when it’s nice out and neither of us were too upset.

Well, yesterday I completed my first run with no blunders.  We were racing a storm and it was getting pretty dark/windy. 5 miles-49 min.   I was one happy chica with no bloody hands or knees.


I have decided I need to work on my core strength….I busted out a one minute plank.  Shesh, these babies are hard.  Something I plan on doing each day. IMG_0158

Question: Have you ever fallen while running?