Week’s Groceries

We almost always get groceries on Sunday.  This grocery trip was a little one because we had some meat in the freezer we wanted to use.  Our friend gave us a 3.5lb venison ham that we wanted to use in a vegetable soup and I also had some cilantro chicken sausages from Whole Foods that I wanted to put in the week’s eats.

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On Sunday I usually do most of the food prep (Matt thinks he helps, but only does certain things he “likes” to do).  I make everything for our lunches for the week and also start our dinner for Sunday night.  This Sunday we made two meals, cilantro chicken sausages and venison vegetable barley.  The plan was to eat the chicken sausages for dinner but to make the soup ahead of time because Monday night I had a student council meeting and we needed to run….I know I am a busy chica 😉  You can eat sooooo much more healthier and you stay away from eating out every night if you just PLAN!!!!  YES, IT TAKES WORK! Who ever said taking care of your health didn’t take work?! Eating right…….exercising…..make the time!


Here is what we purchased.


-bananas     -potatoes     -mushrooms     -broccoli     -cucumbers     -carrots     -apples     -spinach     -asparagus     -tomatoes     -strawberries


-Chicken Breasts     -Lunch meat (turkey breast)


-1/2 & 1/2     -string cheese


-Bag of vegetables     -sprouted whole wheat bread


-Tortilla Chips     -Ghirardelli dark chocolate


-Coffee     -Green Tea     -Pineapple juice


I love to make a  game out of grocery shopping…. I hope it’s not just  me 🙂  There are some weeks I like to see how healthy I can make my grocery cart.  I know weird, huh?!  But I guess it would be better than the opposite.  This is our meal plan.

Sunday: Cilantro Chicken Sausage Tacos w/ grilled asparagus

Monday: Venison Vegetable Barley Soup

Tuesday: Venison Vegetable Barley Soup (Brew Kombucha)

Wednesday: Venison Vegetable Barley Soup

Thursday: Grilled Pork Chops w/ baked potato and spinach salad.

Friday: Red Lion (Scheduled Happy Hour w/ Matt’s work)

As you notice, I do not make 5 different meals…..  Nobody has time for that! We eat leftovers.  That is how we avoid eating out so much and choosing healthier foods.  But when you make a HUGE pot of soup, you need to plan on eating every last drop of it. Did I mention I hate wasting food…..thanks Dad!

Question: Do you meal plan?

Do you enjoy leftovers?


3 thoughts on “Week’s Groceries

  1. I buy for 5 meals too assuming 1 night is usually FFY (fend for yourself). I can’t do 3 nights of the same thing in a row though. I agree, you have to plan plan plan!

  2. I love to play that grocery game too! How funny! I like to look at it all loaded onto the little conveyer belt and be able to say that everything I am purchasing has been processed as little as possible. Gives me a ridiculous amount of satisfaction. It was great seeing you in Arlington last week! Hope it is not too long before our paths cross again…

    • I am glad I am not the only one….do you also look into peoples carts and think “OMG, those poor kids!” We for sure are going to Trinity. I hope I get to see you sooner than later 😉

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