Professional Painter part 2

Check out the professional painters part 1 here.

Friday night we finally got our act together after 3 years of living in our home and went and bought paint to tackle the ceilings.  We went to Sherwin Williams so we don’t have to deal with the crap at Home Depot.  When you go to Home Depot to get paint, the 15 yr old behind the counter doesn’t know jack about painting and you usually have to wait in line for like 7 hours……ok, maybe 2!

IMG_0231Friday night, I watched Matt tape the ceilings.  He was such a professional… I thought I would let him do all three areas (dining room, living room, and the hallway).  I made sure the tape was straight 😉

IMG_0232Saturday morning we removed some of furniture in the living room and decluttered the best we could.  We didn’t want anything to be in our way and we certainly didn’t want to get paint on our stuff.IMG_0233We bought a roll of this brown paper and laid it on the floor.  We started painting in the dinning room first.  It was soooooo worth it! We definitely dripped a few times! Opps!IMG_0234We broke out all the painting supplies.  P.S. Painting materials aren’t cheap! It is for sure cheaper than paying someone to paint.IMG_0235I painted all the trim while Matt did the “rolling.” It wasn’t easy but well worth the sweat-equity!  It makes you feel so accomplished after completing home improvement projects.  We finished the dining room and living room and it was time for a lunch break. It was nearly 1:00 and our stomachs were rumbling.  I quit a little early to prep our delicious lunch.IMG_0237I would say a pretty healthy and scrumptious lunch if I would have to say so myself.  We each had a salad and an apple with yogurt.IMG_0236When we removed the tape in the dining room, this is what our line looked like. Errrrr!!! Our wall is so popcorny (like HUGE bumps all over) the tape didn’t adhere very well to the wall.  Oh well….That is why you do touch ups 🙂IMG_0238Painting can be fun with your hubby! IMG_0043Then after we cleaned up and showered, we grilled a steak and ate sautéed kale and a baked potato.  Don’t forget we had this refreshing tequila sunrise.  Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, tequila, and a splash of grand marnier. Yum!

Question: Is sweat-equity worth it to you or do prefer to spend the money?


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