How to Make Kombucha

 Check out yesterday’s post on the benefits of fermented foods here.

Once you realize the benefits of kombucha, you will get tired of buying it! You will also find that your homemade version tastes better than the kombucha you can buy from a store.  Here is how you bottle it and make it……

IMG_0176When I start my bottling process, I get all my supplies from underneath the cabinet. My kombucha needs to be stored in a warm, dark place so this is where I can keep an eye on it.

My kombucha-making hobby has taken over my kitchen! I need a bigger kitchen!

IMG_0177You NEED to use organic juice when bottling your kombucha! Do cutting corners and buying the cheap stuff.  We have experienced with sooo many flavors. Our favorites: Pineapple, blueberry pomegranate, tart cherry, and apple/ginger.

IMG_0178I have purchased so many bottles of kombucha that I just saved the bottles and used them to bottle MY kombucha in.  Hey, recycling is a good thing, right?! But the Synergy brand you can buy in stores is pretty legit.  Just save the bottle for me 🙂


When I pull my ol’ pickle jars from under the counter filled with deliciouness…I must first test the kombucha.  If it doesn’t ferment long enough, it is too sweet.  If it ferments too long, you just might cough from the strong vinergar-like taste while sipping.  If it is too sour, just add a lil more juice when bottling.  If it is too sweet, put it back under the counter to sit for a few more days.

IMG_0183Create an assembly line of bottles and fill them up just a lil with your organic juice.

IMG_0185Remove about 1 cup of kombucha from the top of the large jar and pour it into a bowl with the SCOBY and set aside.  My SCOBY is killer healthy.

IMG_0186Start pouring!

IMG_0188The bottling is finished….You know how much this would cost me to buy?!?!


IMG_0190Put your freshly bottled bottles back in their dark/warm spot for the second ferment.  Mine is in our cupboard where we store pots/pans.  I usually leave them sit for 2 days because we run out of kombucha to drink and want more.  You can do your second ferment for as long as you want.

IMG_0191My SCOBYs just chilled out while I was bottling…. Now, to making the new batch.

IMG_0192Take your empty jar (you can use whatever type of jar you can find but it needs to be a gallon), bring 4 cups of SPRING water to a boil and pour into the jar.


IMG_0194Pour your 4 cups of boiling water into the jar along with 3-5 organic green or black tea bags.  I use 5 bags.  Let the tea brew for 10 minutes.

IMG_0195After 10 minutes, remove the tea bags and find your suga’.  Add 1 cup of sugar to tea mixture and stir until the sugar dissolves.

IMG_0196Next, add 8 cups of room temperature spring water to your warm tea mixture.

IMG_0197Lastly, add the SCOBY back into the liquid (it should we luke-warm) along with the 1 cup of your original kombucha and cap your jar with a coffee filter or a cheese cloth.  Put your jar back into it’s safe place to ferment for 7-14 days.  Taste after day 7 to make yourself aware of the different stages your kombucha will go through.

Question: Why would you not give kombucha a try?


4 thoughts on “How to Make Kombucha

  1. I love kombucha but I’ve always been intimidated by the process!! Seeing all those bottles and knowing I pay at least $3.50 for each one has me thinking I should try this!

    • Never….I have had a few batches that didn’t have ANY carbonation. I guess I have never opened a bottle and it was so carbonated that I was worried. But, my kombucha is soooooo good I can’t ever imagine paying for it again.

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