Fun In Arlington, TX

So….It’s been awhile since I sat down and plugged away on the laptop because I was in Dallas with 11 kiddos for student council.  We left Sunday morning and made the should of been 5 hour trip, but actually was 6 hours, up north.  I could of ran faster then he was driving! We arrived at our hotel, the Fairfield Inn, and then took off to the convention center.


It sure makes a school trip fun when you get to travel with your friend, Luisa.


There were 5,000 student council nerds students at this conference and the speakers are awesome.  It is just one big par-tay!


Monday night TASC rented out Six Flags for our very own private party.  So the park was closed to the public and all 5,000 went to get crazy at six flags.  I was excited, yet nervous, to get on the big coasters.  I didn’t puss out though…..


Here we are in line for the Texas Giant.  We had already rode the Titan but had to meet up with our other ride peeps from Ridge Point and Clements


We only waited 15 minutes tops for any of the rides.

After our second time on the Titan, my stomach started getting a little woozy and we still had to eat dinner.  I guess getting older and riding roller coasters just aren’t the same.  So sad…..


After I hit the BBQ hard, I had decided it prolly wasn’t a good idea to go back on rides.  That wouldn’t have been any fun 😉 We did go on a mini-coaster and we rode the carasel.  We also walked around and behaved like children mature adults until it was time to meet back up with the kiddos.




Fun in the gift shop! Like I said we behaved like mature adults!


We sucked Kim into the fun! We probably should shave those mustaches though….

IMG_0215Who buys these things?!?!! Who knows, but we still had fun!

We got back home Tuesday night after a trip from hell.  The air-conditioning in  the bus stopped working and it took us 6.5 hours to get home.  Our bus driver was falling asleep at the wheel and I was dehydrated.  Lord knows, I don’t drink ANY water when riding in a bus and I don’t have the opportunity to stop every 30 minutes.

Question: What is your favorite amusement park?


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