Oysters are a pain in the booty…. but tasty!

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One of the perks of living on the golf coast is being able to enjoy fresh oysters.  I have struggled with liking them, but I think I have acquired a taste and have grown to appreciate this healthy appetizer on a Saturday night. 

Matt has bought them from the store twice and so far the score is Oysters: 2, Matt: 0.  He goes out to the garage to find a screw driver and spends almost a half an hour fighting with 7 oysters.  Both times he has shed some blood and this time he garfed up the counter.  This might be the last time…..


They are pretty tasty! Now to pick the sand out of our teeth.  Don’t mind my $2 bottle of wine from Trader Joes’s.  Stay classy!


Questions: Have you had Trader Joe’s wine?

Do you like oysters?


2 thoughts on “Oysters are a pain in the booty…. but tasty!

  1. Haha, love this post. I’m an oyster fanatic. Once I start writing about oysters, I can’t stop…same thing when I’m eating them. So jealous of how easy it is to get them when you live by the sea. 😦 It is hard to get them open. I took a shucking class, and still wasn’t very good at it. Watch your hands!

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