Running Mishaps

In the last two weeks I have had TWO running mishaps! What the heck!  Last week we took off on our normal 5-mile route….we hadn’t quite hit the 1 mile mark and I must have hit a crack in the sidewalk. 



No seriously…our sidewalks around Pecan Grove are straight Ghet-to, and people wonder why I run in the street.  Anywho, when I hit the “raised cement,” I literally supermaned it (that means horizontal, right in front of a car). I was carrying our water bottle and for some crazy reason or another, when I landed I didn’t have the water bottle attached to my hand anymore.  THANK GOD! That could have been bad if I landed with that on my hand.  I got up quicker than quick hoping no one saw me and Matt snagged the water bottle that was in the grass. I had a bloody hand and a bruised ego.  L I think this is my 4th fall….running is dangerous people! lol Or it is only dangerous if you don’t pick up your feet…. It took me a mile to get my racing heart back down to normal.  Matt pretty much held the water bottle the rest of the run…I was too scared.

On Tuesday we decided to do a little speed work.  This means lets walk a bit….jog a bit…and sprint to the next light post….and repeat.  We had planned to do a 4 mile route.  Just after mile two, we were in one of our sprinting stints and suddenly my bra busted.  Yes, can you believe it?!?!? The girls broke a bra 😉 We stopped immediately and walked the rest of the way home.  Walking is so enjoyable when it’s nice out and neither of us were too upset.

Well, yesterday I completed my first run with no blunders.  We were racing a storm and it was getting pretty dark/windy. 5 miles-49 min.   I was one happy chica with no bloody hands or knees.


I have decided I need to work on my core strength….I busted out a one minute plank.  Shesh, these babies are hard.  Something I plan on doing each day. IMG_0158

Question: Have you ever fallen while running?


3 thoughts on “Running Mishaps

  1. Yep, I have supermanned it several times before, more so running out in colorado-I blamed it on the high elevation!

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