Good….I mean GREAT Friday!

Howdy! I hope you had a good Friday! (pun intended) Mine was filled with so much awesomeness.  I woke up early, relaxed on the couch with my 5 ingredient pancake and my hot cup of coffee and watched the Today Show.  Life IS good!  We got new windows yesterday, so I picked up the house a little before the window peeps came, and uncluttered some necessary things so they could do their job.

I had no idea how they would remove the old windows…. I guess I just thought they would pull them out whole.  NOT! They cuts X’s into every window, punched the window, and then pulled massive shards of glass out of the window frame.  You can see where this is heading….. I was super nervous sitting around the house watching them pull out the windows and putting tons of dust all over our beautiful abode.  So I thought I would snap some pictures of the work in progress.

IMG_0118 IMG_0117

While outside, I thought I would check on my “new” garden and see if any of seeds had sprouted.  Check out these beets baby!  Those little green thingys – yes those are the beginning of beets!  I am a little sad, however to say that something is eating at my jalapeno plant.  Grrrrr….. Does anyone have any recommendations or “home remedies” to get these critters from eating my plants?



Matt toke a half-day, so when he got home we ate lunch together (sweet potato, broccoli, and chicken mashed together) and then sat around for a bit until they finished our windows.  They look great!  Now that we have windows with screens, we can FINALLY open the windows when it’s nice out.

Around 2:00, we met our friend and switched vehicles.  He has a truck.  We desperately need a truck! Did I mention a wheel-barrow; we desperately need one of those too!  We went and picked up a yard of mulch and went home to get to work.


We had planned to mulch the front and back yard because our yard just looks immaculate when we are done.  Last year, we received a letter from our home owner’s association acknowledging our gorgeous yard.  Oh, the little things that excite you when you become an adult….lol.  Now I appreciate all the hard work my parents put into our yard when I was younger and still today.


Look at the difference!


Twirkin’ it!

Yesterday, my AMAZING parents also had this plant delivered to my house just in time for Easter.  It is crazy how much my mom listens….a while back, I had mentioned to her on the phone that we didn’t have any house plants.  I was a little embarrassed to admit that to her because she practically has a green house in my old bedroom.  No, seriously!  It is perfect and we have the best spot for it!


Peek-a-boo I see you!


I hope you didn’t just have a good Friday, but that you had a GREAT Friday!


Question: Did you have a good or a great Friday?


2 thoughts on “Good….I mean GREAT Friday!

  1. Had a great Friday! Played golf at Fort Bend CC with Jeff Mudd, his dad Chris, and step father Jimmie. Didn’t play as well as I’d like, but I never do. Had a lot of fun anyway playing “wolf” with the guys. Went home, cleaned up, grabbed Diana then headed over to Barry Bynum’s house for the annual neighborhood fish fry. Barry cooked up some of the Wahoo I brought over it was very tasty served with home made tartar sauce. (dill and parsley from my garden Yum! ) A perfect end to a lovely day.

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