Professional Painters

Saturday night was a date night for us so we cleaned up after all the gardening and got into our “sexy” clothes.  We started our night with dinner at Ruggles Green.  I highly suggest this restaurant in Sugar Land.  It is the only certified “green” restaurant and has delicious fresh, affordable, yet flavorful food.  I have been there 4 times and have had something different every time.  The menu is pretty big so I am excited to try more items on the menu!  We both wanted to order something kind of on the light side since we planned on snacking and drinking  throughout the rest of the night.

IMG_0079 IMG_0080

I went with the tomato basil soup and a side salad and Matt decided on the fish tacos.  It was super dee-licious 🙂

When my sister was here during spring break we were walking around in the Sugar Land Town Square and walked in Pinot’s Palette.  We expressed our curiosity with the lady about possibly doing a painting and she told us that there was only a children’s class available.  She then stated that there was a “date night” scheduled for March 23.  That perked my interest a little so I looked into it.  I was a little nervous cause I immediately thought, oh no….Matt?!?!?! At first I decided I was going to register and just not tell Matt.  I was super worried that Matt would say that this was lame.  After a few days I thought it would be fun to invite another pair of professional painters….hehehe.  I called our friends and they were in immediately.  I finally gave in and told Matt….he was a little hesitant, but was glad that we had a double date and looked forward to sharing wine, cheese, bourbon, and our skills with our friends.

We arrived about 30 minutes early and were welcomed by their super nice staff as they showed us our assigned seat next to our friends.  They showed us around and we got comfortable.  We picked out our aprons, opened wine, cut cheese (haha), and sipped on a beer.  We were both giddy like little kids and discussed our game plan in painting the best pictures ever.

IMG_0082 IMG_0083

The staff had already traced out the person, path, and lines for the light posts on our canvas.  THANK GOD! This certainly gives someone with no artistic skills some confidence. 


This is a pic of our friends Matt and Diana painting their lil’ hearts out.


The finish product! Matt and I really worked together while painting.  We wanted to make sure that they kind of matched and that his wasn’t too dark or that I had the right number of blue spots, etc.  How cute right??!!?


Overall, this date night was perfect.  If you haven’t done anything like this and your city has a place like this, I highly recommend it.  It was about 10:15 when we left (we got there at 6:30), but the time actually flew by.  We stopped for a few breaks to refill our wine/bourbon (Matt) glass and grab some more cheese.  It was super fun and Matt even enjoyed it! Pinot’s Palette said they were doing “Mimosas with Mom” for mother’s day.  What a fun thing to do with your mother.  I wish my mommy was closer so I could take her to this. Oh well, next time you are here momma!

IMG_0089 IMG_0091

Question: Have you ever done anything like this?


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