Our First Garden


After a few weeks of discussing with Matt that I wanted to plan a garden, this is what our future holds.  We have absolutely no experience with gardening! My mother has the greenist thumb of anyone I know, so we will see if I inherited any of it….ha.  Digging up our grass was not easy at all! I tried to do it one day during spring break and got about a quarter of the way done before my back was absolutely killing me.  I almost threw in the towel to hire someone to till it, but my lovely husband helped the next day and rescued me…. Needless to say, he ending up breaking the shovel.  This Texas grass ain’t easy!


This is what your car looks like when you don’t own a truck….ugh! Some day though….We had flowers in the back seat and I was praying that when I removed them I didn’t have dirt/water stains in the red dragon.


This is also another project that we plan on taking on this weekend too.  We have two flower “areas” in our fron yard.  Last year I grew some amazing-looking flowers that made the old ladies next door jealous….People would stop while they were walking and compliment my hard work.


This is what we are going for this year.  We bought a few hanging baskets for the back yard, but we are trying some new flowers this year.  I don’t even know what thye are called 😉


Cow do-do  manure! I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous about touching this stuff.


We did buy tomato, peppers, jalapeno, onion, and cilantro plants.  These were the seeds that we picked up.


This is what Matt did while Jen planted.  His version of planting a garden.


It ain’t easy being me!


After about an hour of digging in the dirt.  This is our final product.  I can’t wait to keep an eye on it and see the changes.


After we came in my honey wanted steak!  We always eat steak on Saturday night, but since we have a date night scheduled, he moved the “steak night” to a Friday.  It was delicicious.  Steak, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes with coco oil, sauteed mushrooms and green onions.  We think we are fancy!


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